Superannuation: Melbourne Residents Get the Guidance they Need to Make Wise Decisions Regarding their Future

Whether they live in Hobsons Bay, Melbourne or any other part of the country, most Australians have one or more superannuation funds. Planning for the future and taking steps to ensure they have the funds they will need for a comfortable and satisfying retirement is on the minds of most people who are of working age, and not just those who are nearing retirement. Every Australian needs the advice and guidance of a team who will help to build a retirement lifestyle through superannuation and other income producing assets that will make a positive difference to your future. Navacue boast over 30 years of dedication and expertise helping Altona, Melbourne residents build a financial foundation for the retirement lifestyle they deserve.

Superannuation in Australia

Did you know… the average superannuation balance for women 50 years of age is $54,681. According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA), this amount is likely to last just over one year for a single person enjoying a comfortable retirement. The average super fund balance for men 50 years of age is $101,948. Although double the amount of women of the same age, the ASFA Retirement Standard indicate that a single male will enjoy just over 2 years in a comfortable retirement. Given the aging population and advances in medical research, just over 1 or 2 years of a comfortable retirement is likely to be nowhere near enough.

Navacue are passionate about supporting Altona and the greater Melbourne residents to prepare for the retirement they deserve. Talk to a Navacue Financial Advisor about your Super today on (03) 9398 1222.

Options for the Way Your Super is Managed.

There are two ways in which superannuation can be managed in Australia; you can choose a superannuation fund that is managed for you or one that is self-managed. There are many different types of managed superannuation available, each with their own specifications, benefits and associated costs.

Choosing the most appropriate superannuation fund for your circumstances will always have its own set of challenges. Industry super, retail super or self managed superannuation fund… which one suits you? Melbourne residents will most definitely require the expert guidance of a financial advice team. A superannuation fund that is self-managed can be very rewarding. From possible cost savings, increased control of investments and distributions, wider investment choice and more flexibility are just a few of the benefits of a self-managed fund, but it isn’t for everyone.

Regardless of the type of fund you choose, Navacue can guide individuals through the superannuation maze. Saving for retirement doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ll show you how!

In order to determine which solution is best for you – managed or self managed super funds, Hobsons Bay Melbourne residents should first meet with a Navacue Advisor. We’ll help you assess your situation, goals and needs to determine which superannuation option is right for you. Call our Melbourne office on (03) 9398 1222 and let’s get started.