Navacue’s Complimentary Business Tax Health Check

In support of the Hobson’s Bay Local Business Community, Navacue is offering all Business Owners a Complimentary Tax Health Check valued at $1,100.

It pays to get a second opinion. We have on many occasions found that clients have been paying more tax than they should. Treat yourself to peace of mind knowing you won’t pay any more tax than you have to this financial year and beyond. Maybe we won’t find anything, but more often than not we find that you can keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

What is involved?
A business tax health check is a similar idea to a regular medical check-up with your doctor, only it is a health check of your tax affairs. During the one-hour appointment we will review your previous years tax returns and financial statements with a view to:

–       Identify opportunities that have not been taken advantage of resulting in too much tax being paid;

–       Identify if you are using the most tax effective business structure  (Some structures are more tax effective than
        others); and

–       Provides confidence in the level of risk the business has in relation to taxation by reviewing the collection,
        recording and reporting of data to Government revenue offices.

Book Now – Offer Expires August 2013 
Call 03 9398 1222 or email to book your Complimentary Business Tax Health Check today.