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Economic Update February 2016

This article is published by Navacue Financial Advisors Pty ABN 27 236 614 176, a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 383940) of Actocue Pty Ltd ABN 32 128 604 419 AFSL Number 323729. This article contains general information only and is not intended to represent specific personal advice (Accounting, taxation, financial or credit). No individual personal…

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How the best financial planners create wealth and add value

How does a financial advisor provide value? What are you missing out on if you don’t use one? Without a qualified financial planner, your future financial position may be below its potential and/or haphazard. Not to mention the possibility of leaving you and your family at risk of potential financial devastation. Without reliable advice, you may…

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Set some SMART financial goals for your business in 2017

It’s a New Year, and a new opportunity to inject new energy and enthusiasm into your business by setting some financial goals. It’s easy to dash off a few ideas on the back of an envelope, but we want you take the idea of goal setting a little more seriously. We suggest you spend some…

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When was the last time you updated your SMSF trust deed?

An SMSF, as well as being an excellent way to safeguard your retirement on your own terms, is a type of trust. Setting up an SMSF requires lots of documentation, and the trust deed is crucial, because it sets out the rules for establishing and operating your SMSF. It’s a legally binding document, and it…

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Do the superannuation reforms affect me?

The May 2016 budget announced key superannuation (super) changes that have come under much scrutiny. With a few subsequent amendments, the Bill was put before parliament in late November and has now been passed. These new measures were designed to improve the sustainability, flexibility and integrity of Australia’s super system, most of which come into effect from…

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